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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the prices in USD? or automatically converted to my local currency base on my browser location?
Listed product price, additional fee, shipping in USD? or the prices/fees shown are already automatically converted to my local currency (SGD) for Singapore?
Chen[ 16/05/2019 ]
  • automatically, in USD
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Do you ship to Portugal madeira Island?
Hyunday h1 1999 full body kit shiping cost?
NIVALDO[ 14/05/2019 ]
  • Product discontinued
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Shipping to Singapore
How much will it cost to ship Kia Sorento UM LED side step to Singapore?
Chris Ong[ 25/04/2019 ]
  • To Singapore via UPS $252
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Side shirt for Kia k3 2017
Hi, do you have side shirt for Kia k3 2017? What is the cost to ship to Singapore, kindly advice thanks ?
Allan[ 16/07/2017 ]
  • look here ....,12; the shipping to Singapor 1 CBM will be $303
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can't sign in and forgot password is not working.
Can't sign in and won't accept password and no email for more forgotten password link
Raymond[ 08/05/2017 ]
  • 1. Check your Junk mail for confirmation letter
    2. Send me your new password so I may set it manually.
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How long does it usually take for an order to ship?
Order currently says "pending", though the money has come out of my account - how long does this usually take to process and have the order shipped out?
Randy[ 22/01/2016 ]
  • Please let me know your order number. Our manager Sergey left the company.
    Usually it takes about 1 week to process, as we expecting transfer from PayPal.
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What is the points for when I purchase a product?
I am looking through your items and notice that each item is given points if purchased. What can the points be used for? Do you have any discounts or codes? I am gonna be buying at least 3 products wOrth about $300+.
Duy[ 24/04/2016 ]
How do I know my order has been shipped?
My order number is 3067 and it is mentioned that it will be shipped on 24 july 2015. How do I Know the order has been shipped as there is no follow up email on this? please advise
Peter[ 30/07/2015 ]
  • We had a delay in shipment due to warehouse disinfection procedures ordered by Korea government. We have just started working today. Your order is almost ready, just have to pick up roof spoiler. Sorry for unconveniences.
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Camily roof spoiler
I have a 2011 YF sonata, my current roof spoiler(K-933) is made of plastic and the disadvantage is it deformed under hot weather and the roof spoiler starts to peel off. I am looking for a roof spoiler that is flexible and acts like urethane material which can be twisted without deform unlike hard plastic. May I know is the above Camily roof spoiler is flexible and not deform under hot weather?
Peter[ 28/06/2015 ]
  • Manufacturer says it's OK, however I cannot guarantee and then make refunds so it's up to you to buy or not to buy.
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How do i know that my order have been confirm? and when can the payment be made?
Saiful Haris[ 29/04/2015 ]
  • Hello,
    You will receive a payment link to pay by PayPal (credit or debit card). Check your e-mail, especially a Junk folder.
    Sales Manager
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How do I save an item in my cart to checkout later ?
I have placed some items in my cart however I do not wish to purchase all at once how do I save a few for later
Sashy[ 28/02/2015 ]
  • Hello,
    Nice to see you back.
    Just log in to your account and put products to your cart. After that you may log out and come back later, and next time you login, the products will be left there.
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you have available rear dual diffuser chevrolet cruze to ship in Italy?
salvatore[ 11/11/2014 ]
  • yes, we have /
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how to buy the product????
hello, i want to buy some products in this website, but i don't know how to buy it. What's the meaning of the +$180? If you see this message. Would you please contact me. Phone Number:008615979035553.
Tao[ 18/03/2014 ]
  • 1. Choose product you like.
    2. Put it to cshoing cart
    3. Choose your payment terms (PayPal or T/T)
    4. Confirm your order
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Damaged Package
My package looks like it's been damaged. What should I do?
Artem Brumbender[ 16/05/2015 ]
  • If any damage occurs during shipment, we will need your cooperation to make a claim with your local post office.

    PLEASE -- If you think something may be wrong with your parcel:
    1. Take pictures before opening, and
    2. Open it with a post office representative present, if possible. If the item inside was broken, please file a damage report with your local post office and they should be able to resolve the problem. Please note that we are unable to provide refunds/replacements for uninsured items damaged during shipment. Thus, we highly recommend choosing EMS.

    For EMS shipments, if your order has been damaged during shipment, please file a damage report with your local post office. Once you have signed the applicable document and received a copy, please forward a scan of it to us. We will then be able to file for insurance compensation with EMS Korea Post.

    Max Pavlov
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Does the prices stated on your site include shipping?
Does the cost of the items stated on your website include shipping or is it just the cost of the item and shipping still has to be added?
Darrel[ 29/12/2014 ]
  • Shipping is not included for all large items (aeroparts, body kits, etc). Normal size items' shipping cost calculated automatically by weight. You can see shipping cost of the product before checkour confirmation.
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